Our Services

3D Mapping and modelling

Three-dimensional design is the norm across numerous industries, 3-D mapping simply reflects this tendency. Spatial information holds the key to prosperity for businesses and governments alike.

Augmented reality

Still experimental technology, that has the potential to transform the world in the same way computers did a few decades ago. Early adopters of technology – one that has the potential to transform industries – very often gain a competitive edge by doing so

Conventional Surveying

Large scale or small scale surveying deployment according to your needs. 65 years of surveying experience.

Geographic Information System

Spatially enabled decision making is the way forward in solving a number of challenges, chief among them, sustainable development. Analyzing spatial patterns in the environment you manage lead you to discover new opportunities to save costs.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Identify and endow underground utilities with GPS coordinates so that they may be integrated into a digital utility inventory. Accurate information about underground utilities helps reduce errors from occurring during utility works, leading to cost efficient project completion.


Detailed spatial information for large areas, allowing you to make spatially enabled decisions, whatever your goals may be. From flood simulation to security analysis, lidar provides you with accurate spatial information quickly and efficiently.