3D Mapping and modelling

We live in a 3D world, yet until the very recent past, humans have been planning much of their endeavours in 2 dimensions. This of course being out of necessity, and not by design. However, this is about to change as the computing power of the average computer has for the first time in history reached the level where interacting with and working in 3-D environments is now available to the everyday end-user.

Three-dimensional design is now the industry standard across most sectors. It is therefore no surprise that surveying has adjusted to their needs and with the advent of laser scanning, 3-D mapping has become the norm. Aside from the obvious convenience of being able to visually manipulate planned structures and place them into the surveyed 3-D environment, the precision of the spatial data allows for decision-making to take place in a 3-D environment as well.

Spatially enabled decision making

3-D environments empower decision-makers, designers, planners and stakeholders to better assess how to influence the environments that they need to manage to achieve their goals at every stage of a project.

At the largest scale, governments and municipalities are beginning to realize the value of empowering themselves with 3-D information as a new means of city management. Decision-makers around the world are still exploring the possibilities of spatial information and how it can empower them to make decisions that are both cost-effective and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Our professional surveying services can help you lay the foundation for any spatially enabled enterprise which will undoubtedly be one of the key drivers of both societal and business prosperity.