Augmented Reality

The widespread application of augmented reality may just be right around the corner in a number of industries. Given how quickly 3-D rendered objects and environments have been adopted in a number of processes, such as the use of CAD software in engineering. The promise of augmented reality is that it will bridge the gap between the digital world and the real world, making direct interaction between the two, a reality. The widespread applicability of this is still at the experimental stage, but it is quite clear that its appeal goes beyond the entertainment factor.

Imagine the possibilities it could offer tourists for example. Once a city’s busiest locations are surveyed and digitised it is possible to create various interactions through AR, such as displaying and/or listening to facts about the area, or displaying directions. Going further, at heritage sites, such as castles, digitizing the area through surveying could then serve the basis for simulating historic events that took place on that site. In other words, computer generated 3-D simulations placed into a 3-D environment.

Interact with the past through modern technology

The viewer could be transported into the past and watch a historic battle unfold around them in the castle they are visiting. Famous speeches or iconic moments could be relived. Increasingly the only remaining limit will be imagination, not the technology itself. All of this is already possible with any tablet or phone equipped with a camera, as these devices can provide a lens that serves as the bridge between the real world and the digital world. Augmented reality will – in all likelihood – transform architecture and construction processes as 3-D models of design proposals can be superimposed on top of existing reality.

All of this of course begins with surveying using 3-D laser scanning and extracting 3-D point clouds, establishing the foundation upon which an augmented reality can be built. Our surveying services provide you with all the deliverables needed to begin your exploration into creating a digitally enhanced world.