Conventional Surveying

Since the earliest days of civilization, surveying has served the needs of city planners, engineers and architects. The complex infrastructures that support our societies could not exist today without the humble pursuit of knowing “where is what”.

With the advent of GNSS technology, the number of topographic points that can be captured using total stations has increased dramatically. Furthermore, the use of GNSS techniques itself have revolutionized how surveying is conducted, as points of measurement now have GPS coordinates associated with them.

65 years of surveying experience

Geodézia has 65 years of experience in surveying and our service itself has matured and kept pace with the advances in technology that have significantly accelerated in the past few decades. Nevertheless no advance in technology can substitute for the skill of problem-solving that comes with decades of experience. We are very proud of the fact that we have colleagues here at Geodézia who have been with us for over 10 years.

Conventional surveying is usually the beginning of a problem-solving process. Yet gathering the data itself can often pose challenges of its own. With our surveying services you can rest assured that you will receive the accurate information that you need in a timely manner, in the format that you requested it. According to your needs, we can deploy as many teams and sophisticated Instruments as necessary, to ensure that the costs of your project processes remain as low as possible.