Lidar also known as light detection and ranging technology provides an effective solution for surveying large areas. The term itself is typically associated with laser pulsing equipment carried on airplanes, even though technically all laser scanning is lidar.

The ability to map large areas quickly with lidar has limitless applications in any situation where large amounts of spatial information is necessary for sophisticated problem-solving.

For example, ensuring the security of world leaders requires sophisticated planning and intricate knowledge of the area that needs to be secured. Lidar has proven itself to be a very effective solution as it can produce highly precise maps that can be rendered in 3D, allowing security analysts to plan effectively, down to the very last detail. When considering escape routes, lines of sight, crowd control, the ability to precisely analyze where entrances and exits are, and how large they are can mean the difference between failure and success.

From disaster prevention to military mapping

Managing large areas requires detailed mapping and lidar is one of the best solutions for creating highly detailed maps of large areas. Our services and expertise in the use of lidar and other surveying technologies have definitely played a role in us becoming certified partners for NATO.

Another example where the application of lidar for large areas truly shines, is in disaster prevention. Our ability to survey large areas precisely provide an important basis upon which life-saving simulations like flood simulations can be created. The data we collect can be used by experts to analyse environments and devise countermeasures for disaster situations, save lives and plan future infrastructure in such a way that should disaster strike, it is robust and resilient. In this way ensuring that the local community can return to their daily lives as quickly as possible once the worst is over.