Mobile Mapping System

Before the advent of mobile mapping systems, road surveying could be a fickle and expensive task, as the area to be surveyed had to be closed off and weather conditions needed to be tolerable for the surveying teams to be deployed.

Mobile mapping has truly revolutionized how road surveying can be conducted today. It has reduced time spent in field by up to a factor of 100 and does not require the deployment of multiple teams. Scanning can take place at up to 80 km/h without impacting traffic flow and without the need for deploying multiple teams.

Road surveying without disturbing traffic flow

The resulting data not only matches static surveying accuracy but also contains every topographical object in the area therefore making any repeat surveys unnecessary. This is a tremendous asset as any kind of large infrastructure project such as roadworks is a costly endeavor at every stage. Our surveying services help you save costs at every stage of the project as you will have all the accurate information you need, on time, without errors, thus drastically reducing the need for repeated requests for information. Working with accurate and precise information allows your projects to move forward as smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, our surveying services can provide you with information needed for specific issues such as pothole detection and highway inventories. All of this can be achieved without disturbing traffic and be done at highway speeds.