Railway Scanning

Imagine you need to know the specifications of some difficult to survey area quickly. Mobile laser scanning can put the real world at your fingertips with unprecedented speed. There are numerous difficulties involved in a railroad surveying as access to the tracks can be limited since closing a railroad is costly.

Our service of using mobile laser scanning technology mounted either on a special car that can go on both roads and rails ensures that surveying is done in the Although railroads have in recent years regained popularity as an efficient means of transport, they do require continuous maintenance. One particularly important factor is ensuring that railway track paths are clear and that the ballast itself has not suffered from excessive deformation.

Best way to assess clearance profiles and cable height

Not only can clearance profiles be measured with our services – standard or oversized – but it is also possible to map the state of the overhead cables. Allowing you to assess cable height and the level of cable winding (zig-zagging).

Our surveying solution brings the entirety of the mapped railway infrastructure into your office. The surroundings, tunnels, bridges, walls and any other fixed infrastructure is mapped and made available to you in the form of a 3D point cloud, ready to be transformed into information that can save costs and help you meet deadlines, regardless of the scope and scale of the project.