Terrestrial Scanning

Our motto of bringing the real world into your design office is best exemplified by laser scanning. The overall trend in our client industries towards 3D have made terrestrial laser scanning an essential deliverable and its easy to see why. For example, laser scanning can provide highly accurate as-built information that saves costs at every step of the retrofitting process, in the case of a production plant for instance.

The accurate information means that retrofitting plans will be of high quality. Of course it follows from this that if the design is high quality then rest of the retrofitting process will run more smoothly as well, lowering overall design costs. All of this means that you, the owner, can have greater confidence in the knowledge that your production plant will be operational again much faster.

Our surveying services can reduce your costs at every stage of a project

Looking at it from an another angle, the crux of our surveying service, is highly accurate information about the environment that you need to manage. All of the processes mentioned above: design, construction, monitoring are dependent on the accuracy of the data. Therefore, our service can save you costs and spare you headaches across the board, not just in one specific task.

Terrestrial scanning has become the standard approach for gathering spatial information in numerous industries because it is fast, safe and much less costly than using traditional surveying methods. Due to this, detailed quality assurance processes are now available to all construction projects.