UAVs or drones, as they are colloquially known, have seemingly out of nowhere become almost commonplace. Like computers a few decades ago, they are quickly moving from being specialized equipment used for a small number of highly specific tasks to becoming general tools involved in numerous processes. The advantage of using drones for surveying is of course quite clear. The ability to capture data in any environment, both indoor and outdoor, is a tremendous asset.

Imagine you have to manage a production facility that is equipped with an intricate and sprawling pipeline. Whether this facility is an oil refinery or pharmaceutical production facility makes no difference when considering the fact that a single leak along what could be kilometers of pipeline, even on a medium-size facility, could prove to be disastrous as it can lead to environmental damage, endangering the safety of personnel there and of course lead to a loss of revenue.

Precision surveying in difficult to reach areas

Our surveying service, with the help of UAV provides you with the necessary information regarding your facility, which allows you to take stock of otherwise difficult to notice pipelines and areas and highlight them to staff and personnel so that they may be monitored more closely.

Of course drones, like all surveying techniques and services, have gained such a wide variety of applications with the advance of technology, that they can now even be applied in areas like precision agriculture. Whatever your needs, UAVs combined the full range of our surveying capabilities ensure that difficult to survey areas can be mapped with precision.