Underwater Surveying

True to our innovative approach in finding new solutions, Geodézia has developed the Geo – Panama vessel drone to efficiently survey hard to navigate bodies of water. The drone itself is equipped with an RTK GNSS receiver and a highly accurate ultrasound sonar that is capable of operating in both shallow and deep waters.

Due to its small size it can operate in shallow waters that would normally be impassable for traditional boats or ships. Furthermore, its manoeuvrability and quiet operation means it can Access remote areas in canals and perform the task of surveying without disrupting the environment.

Hydrography, like all mapping can hold the key to ecnomic growth

Of course our surveying services extend to large bodies of water as well. The data we provide allows you to create highly accurate nautical charts that enables safe navigation on all bodies of water. Identifying clear paths of navigation in bodies of water can have a tremendous impact on settlements near rivers particularly in developing countries. This is because in such areas transportation by water remains to be one of the cheapest and most easily accessible forms of transport.

Our surveying services, have the potential to enable economic growth in remote areas or support sophisticated marine projects in developed areas. Either way it is clear that spatial information can often hold the key to both economic and business growth.